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Spring is Here

Yes, Spring is here and we are ultra excited that Summer is just around the corner. With

flowers blooming, new strands of grass growing on lawns, leaves budding on trees and grass looking healthy and green, it is truly a sign that Spring is here. Speaking of Spring, I hear that Green is still one of the colors you should add to your collection to wear this season...

This season you will find all types of Fashion and radiant colors in stores/shops like maxi skirts, mini skirts, floral patterns, western fringes, skirt suits, pattern sets, floral designs, feathers sewn here/there, tank tops, and cut outs. You can feel free to pair these fabulous items with this seasons accessory trends like platforms, oversized sunglasses, long & knee length trench coats, large bags all in bright vibrant colors like Green, Yellow, and Hot pink.

Remember with trends, it is good not to oversaturate, but to add a few good pieces to your wardrobe. Then you just mix/match it with items you currently have in your closet. This will help keep you on trend while doing so economically.

Colors, Colors, Colors!! You may have noticed that there are a pletera of colors appearing on the scene this spring for your choosing from such as Bubblegum Pink, Kelly Green, Fiery Red, No Color Neutral, Coral Rose and the pick for the spring, Very Peri Lilac. Below you will find those colors written in more laymen's terms:

  • Soft Lilac

  • Canary Yellow

  • Hot Pink

  • Salted Caramel

  • Scarlet

  • Sky Blue

Since color goes hand in hand with designs/styles, let's get a closer look into how they come about.

Pantone Colors for the Summer/Spring:

If your question is what is Pantone and how is it used in fashion? Well, Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers. To maintain color consistency, designers use Pantone Color Guides to help them identify their desired color. Once they choose a color they want to use for their designs, the designer can simply specify the number of the Pantone color to the manufacturer or printer and voila, you get the right color in full bloom.

Note: Pantone chart listing colors for Spring/Summer 2022

It's Great to be Me

In the world of style, fashion and a myriad of colors, it is important to be who you are while showcasing your style. I enjoy the models during Fashion week, many of the styles the designers present but I also know that every design that walks down that runway may not always represent my style. We live in a society where we often compare things like our looks, styles, clothing, children, that special someone, schooling, our career, hair type, you name it, we compare it. Even though it is important that you take in all the trends, styles, fashion, colors, it is even more important that you apply it to your image, your style, and what color/design best fits you because comparison can kill.

Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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