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Growing up, I really loved and appreciated the wonderful world of Fashion. As a young girl growing

up in Albany, NY, you can imagine how excited I was when my parents would take us on our annual family road trips to New York City during the summertime. Those were adventurous and fun times for me because it gave me the opportunity to shop and choose wardrobes full of unique, trendy, and stylish clothes to wear each school year. 



I believe it was during those times that my passion for style and fashion truly formed and the desire was instilled in me to one day establish a clothing boutique and to also take charge and design my own clothes.  So upon graduating from High School, I set my sites on moving to New York, known as  The Big Apple which is considered the Fashion Capital of the World.


Although I did not start my business right away, I would host parties and pop-up shops at my home and in retail spaces selling clothing items and acessories to all who would support me. Fast forward to today and here we are, my long awaited dream come true.  As I continue to build, what's important to me is that what was once a dream, is now a reality.


FloJo NY is an online clothing boutique whose name was derived by co-joining the first names of two very important people in my life, my mother, Flossie and my father, Joseph.  I believe the origin of this name which means flower, flourish and prosperous best describes me and my brand because I understand that I am beautifully and wonderfully made with a perfect culmination blend of both my parents.

I must say that part of my fulfillment comes from being able to help clients find that distinctive style that works for them because for me it's like helping them find their true voice. 

Beauty, Uniqueness and Quality is what draws me to clothing/fabric so it's important that I showcase those One-of-a-Kind/One Off pieces, for that individual who understands their Uniqueness.  As my brand grows, you will begin to see this showcased even more.

An eminent quote that I feel speaks to my view in the world of fashion is “Fashion Fades but Style is Eternal” -YVES SAINT LAURANT


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Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about using our services as a Stylist, Image Consultant or a Fashion Concierge or feel free to schedule an appointment at

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