About our Brand

Flojo NY, is a brand that is comprised of unique, quality apparel/accessories featuring a curated assortment of 

fashion, style and value for that distinctive individual.  It is our true passion to encourage and empower women

/individuals to recognize their style and to help extract and showcase their beauty through fashion.

We understand that everyone is unique and has their own blueprint, so it is important for us to reveal what’s exceptional about each individual through Fashion so that you can be Distinctively You.  FloJo NY also provides helpful tips and services to our clients by way of Styling, Image Consulting & Fashion Concierge.  FloJo NY seeks to inspire and provide initiatives to empower women/young women.  We are looking to partner with organizations who desire to help build/rebuild individuals lives including their Career/Business.   

Do You Sell T-Shirts?

We sell T-Shirts with Fashion Statements, Inspirational quotes and Motivational quotes. To purchase our T-Shirts from the FloJo NY collection, please go to https://flojony.threadless.com/

Is FloJo NY involved in any other initiatives?

We are seeking to establish an organization entitled FLO - "Fashioning Ladies Only"  where we seek to Empower, Build Self Esteem, Educate, Train and Style young women professionally and casually while providing them with resources that would benefit them in their daily lives.


At this time, we do not accept returns or exchanges to ensure quality health and the safety of our customers due to COVID-19. We truly appreciate your understanding. Please feel free to contact us at flojonewyork@gmail.com for any questions or concerns.  

Standard Shipping 

Cost of shipping is $7.95 (USD)

The estimated delivery period is between 7-10 business days 

We currently do not ship Internationally