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"When God realized that Leah was unloved, he opened her womb. But Rachel was barren."

Genesis 29:31 (MSG Bible)

I am excited to have my first book published as a Collaborative Author entitled "Unloved, The Leah and Jacob Love Story".  In this book, our Rich Gurlz Club Inc. Authors explore the Leah HERstory. Leah spent her entire life looking for love in all the right places. She was not the prettiest women, but she was obedient to her father in becoming Jacob’s wife. She loved Jacob and sought to gain his affections through having his children although she realized that this was not enough. As you dive deeper into this story, you will find that Leah ended up terribly disappointed by her sister, dad, mom, and husband. She felt like a discarded and unwanted rose. Would she ever find true Love? 

Each Author gets to share their own story of feeling unloved or discarded at a point and time in their life and and how they are now able to be candid and show how portions of their life mirrored the life of Leah's. 

Note: You can purchase your copy of the book by clicking the link below:                                 

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